Rinofast Nasal Spray

About Rinofast

Rinofast Nasal Spray, 20ml

Rinofast is a medical device containing an hypertonic saline solution (2,5% NaCl) at controlled pH that exploits the osmotic action of the hypertonic solution combined to the protective action of Methyl Sulfonyl Methane (MSM) for daily nasal hygiene and states of nasal irritation.

  • Hypertonic saline thanks to its osmotic action promotes nasal hygiene and helps keep free and clean the nose
  • MSM operates a protective action thanks to its anti-radical properties
  • Suitable for children below the three years
  • Against the irritation caused by external agents resulting from environmental pollution.
  • Its fluidizing and protective action, helps to keep free the nose, in case of cooling and also allergic rhinitis


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