Medspero Scientific & Regulatory Consultancy Services

Medspero is a global leader in delivering expert scientific, and regulatory services. We protect our customers' interests, helping them successfully meet regulatory obligations and bring products to market in a time-efficient and cost-effective manner.

Medspero provide consultancy on regulatory affairs in wide range of industries with a focus mainly on pharmaceutical, medical devices, cosmetics & personal care, and other related industries where regulations are continuously evolving and more scientific expertise can create a difference.

We maintain excellent relations with Health Authorities such as Ministries and Municipalities and our clients in the various industries including:
• Medical Devices
• Pharmaceuticals
• Herbals
• Homeopathic
• Consumer Health Products
• Food
• Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

At Medspero Pharma We Offer

• A complete chain of services, due to the wide range of market connections available in hand, including market studies, partners selection, distribution, and compliance maintenance services.

• Planning, execution and management of various Regulatory projects in different industries depending on client needs and requirements.

• Business Development services including consultancy, managing outsourcing services, market penetration studies and Registration in various Middle East and North African Markets.

Medspero offers services in the following fields:

Regulatory Consultancy Business Consultancy Distrubition and Marketing Services
Product Compliance Product Developments
Regulatory Services (Product registration, Renewals & Minor Variations etc.) Market Access (Legal entity and Licensing set-up)
Notifications (Notified Body services) Partners Selection (Finding agents, Distributors in Middle East and North Africa, etc.)
Testing and Analysis Market Studies
Translation Business Plans
Legal Entity Umbrella (Raleases etc.)